Developing digital technology is also great in dentistry over time
provides convenience. The design and production of various restorations in digital media have been used in dentistry for many years. The entire workflow over time is digital
environment. For the restoration to be prepared, mouth records are taken with digital scanners and designed in the program, then produced and applied to the mouth.
In recent years, digital technology has become easier applicable in implant dentistry.
 Before the surgical procedure, the records obtained from the patient are processed in the program and surgical guiding plates are prepared. The teeth that will be placed on the implants can be designed in the same program and the teeth can be inserted after surgery.
The concept of digital orthodontics is popularly known by its name invisalign. Computerized tomography and photographic records of the patients are processed in the related program and the treatment process is designed and digitally produced plates are delivered to the patient in certain processes.

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