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The jaw joint is a special  structure that provides the connection between the head base and the mandible. In addition to helping to chew, speech and aesthetic factors also have a very important task. Jaw joints are indirectly affected in cases of lack of teeth, orthodontic disorders of the teeth, muscle disorders, stress, etc. If these problems are not solved, joint and chewing muscle pains, joint noise and jaw opening during the function may be caused by irreversible damage to the joints.
Treatments for joint problems are divided into relaxing and problem-solving. The night guard and various medications are used as a relaxing treatment to alleviate the symptoms. Botox applications can solve problems in advanced stages. When determining the treatments applied to solve the problems, firstly the source of the problem should be revealed. Following the elimination of the problem, the problem will gradually decrease. In cases of irreversible problems, joint treatments can be performed with advanced surgical techniques.

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